Be kind to yourself

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as i was cleaning out my office today, i ran across this poem i jotted down on a notepad at some point.

Be Kind to Yourself

you want to have purposeful days.
you want to be generative.
you have a kind of ambition.

hold these, and know that this is a part of you
but not all of you.

there is the underdeveloped thing in you—
a quiet, neutral, conscious man
who takes things slowly, and suffers less.

maybe you need a season of your life
to be him, through and through.

maybe, if you are him for long enough,
you will produce the gift that your former lives
chose you to give.

but perhaps giving this gift is inevitable?

did you know
that at the end you will not graduate from life.
you will simply leave it, with a sudden
and surprising loss of everything.

and all the countable things will be miniscule,
and all the uncountable things of worth will rise
like mist off the morning water, a mystery
far greater than you ever expected.

you live. hard to believe or to understand,
much like the childhood memory of being alone
in your room, with the falling dust caught in the light
and glimpsing—just glimpsing—your moment.

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