Shame of Thrones?

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i really do get the rage being directed at the writers and directors of GoT right now. let’s face it: ever since the show took on its own uncertain road beyond the tale crafted by GRRM, it’s been teetering on the edge of mediocrity. this season and the last have been chock full of elementary plot developments. the love affair between jon snow and daenerys targaryen represented the absolute low point of the show, and it has not rebounded since. in retrospect, the “Battle of the Bastards” was the show’s best moment, never to be replicated.

but let’s face it. it was Game of Thrones that set us up for disappointment with Game of Thrones. the shocking, visceral, and relentlessly ruthless show molded a generation of viewers that became attuned to a unique kind of thrill. we demanded to be tested, heartbroken, and horrified, and we can credit our craven sensibilities to six unprecedented seasons of an epic series written by a genius (GRRM) and actualized by a visionary (Benioff). i don’t think that our expectations were impossible to meet; but seasons 7 and 8 had a tall task to fulfill, and their failure to deliver is as much a reflection of the show’s earlier successes as it is an indictment of its current failings.

this season has been watchable. i wouldn’t say i have been entirely unentertained. the problem, as i see it, is that as soon as i’ve drained my cup, the pleasure of consumption dissipates entirely and is replaced by an immediate sense of nausea. where are the revolting moments that we simply have to ruminate over and relive (to our horror and excitement) one more time? where are the scenes that we have to watch again and again, just to see the blood and guts and taste a hint of the raw feeling behind them? there’s not a single scene in the past season and a half that’s been worth rewatching; it’s been a series of loveless and mechanical plot movements. in this context, episode 5 of season 8—in its entirely unoriginal human lens into the horrors of war—came across as something worse than perfunctory; it felt cheaply sentimental.

i wish i could say that i will enjoy daenerys’s downfall next week, but i’m truly afraid that her death scene will be little better than mundane. whether jon or tyrion knock her off, i’m not sure anything can salvage the dismal ending of this show or its steadily diminishing legacy. but hey, i’m gonna be there regardless, because the show has earned that much loyalty from me.

winter came and went. meh

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