inauguration thoughts

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i always have an emotional initial reaction to disturbing developments, and i’ll admit that my initial reaction to donald’s election was effusive and perhaps impulsive. but i’ve had two months now to move past my instinctive reactions and gain a more balanced perspective on his presidency and what it may mean for us all. in that context, i think i am ready to define my thoughts and feelings about donald trump, as we anticipate his administration.

i’ll say it in these terms. donald trump remains for me an abhorrent man whom i’m committed to rooting against steadfastly, unapologetically, and with all means at my disposal. he is beyond merely illegitimate as a president; he represents everything about america that i despise.

there are many things about donald that i cannot forgive or overlook. first and foremost, i cannot forgive his statements about mexican people. when he said those words, he spoke them against me and against my people. mexican people and mexican-americans as well as Latinos as a whole deserve a thorough apology for those comments, and trump’s inability to recognize the malicious nature of his words is a reflection of his own moral inadequacy. when he said those things to america, he made it personal, and he will forever be my enemy on that account. te callas, puta mierda.

secondly, i have a profound distaste for his history of impudent, insensitive, and sexist comments toward women. i don’t care how many beauty pageants he has sponsored; it is not his personal prerogative to publicly rate women according to their physical “assets”, nor is it his right to sexually harrass or bully women on account of his male privilege. his repeated history of sexist and chauvinistic behaviors is not debatable or subtle; and the fact that americans voted him into office despite this pattern of reprehensible behavior is as much a reflection of america’s depraved sensibilities as it is a reflection of donald’s lack of responsibility. this too i cannot forgive or overlook.

thirdly, i don’t care for the tone with which he advocated for a total ban on muslim immigration. i’ll admit that the general tenor of his stance toward muslims doesn’t trouble me as much as it should. on principle, his stance goes against the grain of american justice; but then again, donald’s moral failings make the finer points almost irrelevant to debate. what’s worse than his outright prejudice against muslims (a prejudice that most of us share with him, unfortunately) is that he is so shameless about demonstrating it. this reflects a tactlessness and stupidity that is sure to compromise us in our dealings with foreign nations. he’s tipping his hand; his propensity for racism is a political and tactical weakness that can be easily exploited on the international stage.

fourthly, i just don’t like his personality. the abrasiveness, thoughtlessness, and general bombast impress some people as evidence of his courage and candor. i’ll disagree with these people, mostly because i meet people like donald every day. donald bears a striking resemblance to many of my patients with narcissistic personality disorder. in fact, i’d characterize donald as having a mix of axis 2 disease with early signs of dementia. his personality was thoroughly grating even before he began his descent into overt mental illness.

fifthly, i don’t like his family. ivanka and jared strike me as a menacing duo. kushner in particular is a disturbing case study of millennial self-absorption. by all accounts, he appears to be a lamb born of lions, the consummately likable son of a ruthless racketeer. but this trust fund silver spooner is no lamb; he plays the game of thrones with the introverted passion of a career politician. to me, he’s the picture of the most frightening kind of american social climber: totally unprincipled, totally given over to the pursuit of power. after all, what Orthodox Jewish grandson of Holocaust survivors would sell his soul to a fascistic predator who victimizes the marginalized? if donald is hitler, then jared is his martin bormann. jared says we do not know the real donald trump; but we know enough to understand that donald is unapologetic, jared is his apologist, and together they represent a wickedness greater than the sum of their individual evils.

sixth, donald’s message to both poor people and black Americans in this country is based on the patent falsification of facts and is undignified. it’s reflective of his lifetime of slumlording and unethical business practices in inner cities. donald states that he will be the president of all—but he has rarely if ever advocated for anything except for his own business interests. that’s what middle america is hoping for: that trump will look after the business of this country. but when donald makes a deal, he doesn’t deal to build communities; he deals to reap success at the expense of others. he’s designed to be a strongman and a despot.

some people are hoping that donald will be a good president, despite the many terrible things he has stated and insinuated on the campaign. i am hoping that he will continue to be every bit as incompetent and insulting as we have known him to be up to this point. i want his brief presidency to be spectacularly unsuccessful, while causing the least amount of collateral damage possible. i want the mark of his incompetence to be branded on the conscience of america in a manner that will not be forgotten or forgiven for generations. and i especially hope that white america—racists and post-racists alike—will personally feel the tragedy of donald’s leadership. white people, it’s on you and on your children and on their children. you wanted a racist nationalist in the White House; but what you’re getting instead is a selfish and brutal man who cares no more for you than he does for the people of color that you so despise

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