Skipping the Super Bowl

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yep, i am skipping the super bowl game for the 4th time in 7 years. SB 49 will join the Giants’, Packers’, and Steelers’ Super Bowls as one that i will be missing in its entirety.

i have to be intentional about this sort of thing. with all the parties and communal attention devoted to this particular game, it is actually harder to avoid the game than to watch it. i have an advantage since i have no television service in my home, but i will undoubtedly feel the ambient enthusiasm about the super bowl regardless. to make it a bit easier, i’ve already made reservations for a good italian dinner with my family on that evening, at a place that has no bar or television.

why do i so frequently skip the big game? because for a viewer who has no dog in the fight like myself, every play of the game is a reminder that my team isn’t fighting for a championship; and the advertisements and the half-time show are frankly annoying.

why am i skipping this game? because i really despise both of these teams. i have really tried to figure out which team to root for in this contest, and it feels like picking my favorite in a Republican primary. the process of convincing myself that one team or the other is better served by winning this championship is beyond taxing; it’s utterly demoralizing.

take the Seahawks. they think that repeating a Super Bowl is the equivalent of marching on Washington for civil rights. they have a player in Richard Sherman who shames his opponents after games, while constantly and shamelessly touting his own superiority. i respect john schneider, the man who built that team, but i don’t like their reputation, their style of play, or their personality. i don’t like em at all.

and the Patriots are just as nauseating. they had the nerve to call themselves “America’s team” in the aftermath of 9/11. they have a coach who’s a smug and very accomplished cheater; they have a quarterback who’s a bad cheater. in my book, they still haven’t lived down having a serial murderer featured on their offense, and i think that the organization overall is snidely very high on itself. plus, they beat the Eagles the one time we went to the super bowl in the modern era, and that means i will hold a lifetime grudge against them.

anyways, i’m looking forward to not wasting my time on a dumb game!

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