My final draft predictions for the NFL’s 1st 22 picks

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Here’s my mock, after much deliberation. it’s a crap shoot, but here goes:

1. DE Clowney (regardless of who ends up making the 1st pick)
2. OT Robinson
3. DE/OLB Mack
4. OT Matthews
5. OT Lewan (not sure this is Oakland’s preference if they stay in 5th, but they need a tackle)
6. DT Donald (this is early for Aaron Donald, but the flavor this year is pass rushers)
7. WR Evans (if this is Tampa’s pick, i think they take Evans over Watkins)
8. DE Ealy (once again, the early rush on pass rushers will favor Ealy; lots of teams want to load up on defense after what Seattle accomplished)
9. WR Watkins
10. WR Beckham (i’m predicting a brief run on WRs here, as this is a premiere draft for wide-outs with some strong upside among the top 4 or 5)
11. CB Gilbert
12. TE Ebron
13. S Clinton-Dix (i’m hoping against hope he falls to the Eagles)
14. S Pryor
15. CB Verrett
16. OLB Barr (Barr’s getting hyped up like a madman, but i do see defense getting drafted before QBs this year)
17. G Martin
18. CB Dennard
19. OLB Shazier
20. QB Manziel (yep, Manziel slides down to #20 with Arizona; over the last 2 days i’ve come to believe that most of the convo around Manziel is just smoke. he’s still a big risk)
21. WR Lee
22. S Jimmie Ward. Yep, i’m goin with Ward here. i hope the Eagles take a safety tonight.

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