the bubble

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out from the bottle of suds,
he spooled a bubble, that he blew out over the grass.
there was no wind, so it fell upon a blade,
and the blade would not hold it.

my children laughed, and i measured their delight
against the stretch of afternoon,
against the field beyond
and all things that remained to be done.

he dipped again, and blew out a big one
so large and tenuous and almost dripping
with color. i thought it would break apart in the air
and yet it wafted, and did not move.

my son encircled it with his fingers.
and then i was next to him,
looking into this perfect thing,
just a beautiful, fleeting thing.

he looked at me, and i saw
he wanted to give it to me.
it could have easily been me,
but it was him

and all i could tell him
was that it was his, and only his.
so we waited
until a shimmer in the wind took it away.

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